I want him to be happy with the invitations that I’ll do

I want him to like me because I really do get a little bit upset when people do not like me. I think that there is something wrong with me and I think that I am not a good person when it might not be my fault at all, it might be their fault and I think that I want there to be a fined for every day of the week. I want a lot of friends and I want them all to like me. I am afraid that the friends that I do have will leave me soon so I give them things to keep them here. I will be giving Dan and Amy free creation of the finest wedding invitations this town has ever seen. I am really good at that stuff and I want to show that off. It is my asset that I want to give to the world at little to no cost. I know that I will be here for a long time and I will be working on this invite for a long time and Dan and Amy will be really happy with what it ends up looking like. I am really insecure about a lot of things and I think that this is the only thing that I am really secure about. I love the fact that I know that I am really good at one thing. I might not be a great athlete, or a great writer, but the birthday invitations are something that I can do with my eyes closed. I will never actually do that; that’s just an expression. Another expression involves milks spilling but I will go and cry because I can’t remember it. I will sooth myself with creating drafts of the 40th invitations that I have up next in my portfolio.

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