In the absence of the charges, there is nothing

I don’t want to go off into space without there being some sort of a backup, a recharger for all of the vehicles. I am in charge of the cars and so I want to cars to have charge. I want these to learn and know how to charge them and to fix them up. I want there to be no doubt how every single component in every single machine that they are using works. I want them to know this thing from the inside out and that includes using the portable car battery that I am going to place in every single one. I don’t know when I will do that but probably tomorrow. I will have some time, down on the surface, after I finish up the vehicle checks and I will get Joe to come with me and grab them. I hear that the jump starter is not that famous around here. I wouldn’t really know that much about what people like or do not like here; I grew up in Bilton and that is all that anyone talks about over there. I think that one of my friend’s dads from home knew one of the inventors or something, so we loved talking about it and stuff. I do not know if anyone that I know knows the inventor of the battery booster, but I do know that I know the owner and the captain of the starship Acheron. I know captain Christian Collier and he is a great man. I love him like a father, and I hope to one day take his place at the head of this ship. I’m just kidding, but he is my boss and I respect the heck out of him. I really do. I really like how he knows, and agrees with my decision about the chargers and will give me money to go buy them tomorrow.

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