Mum’s check up on the car transport arrangements

I didn’t know exactly how to go about this, so I decided to dive right in. My mother had recently told my father that he needed to get rid of his rally car. My father had been a rally driver since he was able to reach the pedals in a car. It was part of him, but now that my mother thought it affected the overall look of the house – it had to go. My father had told my mother he would sell the car, but had been trying to put it off ever since. My mother had a way of pushing people into doing things and it was really upsetting my father. My father had done everything my mother had asked of him, put ads in local papers and up around the area. My mother wanted it gone within the fortnight and my father was doing everything she said. Mum had also made sure my father had made the necessary arrangements with Towing Companies Adelaide, for when a buyer comes through.

Although there had been an abundance of interest in my father’s rally car, he had found a reason to knock them back. My mother was starting to notice my father’s procrastination and I was starting to notice how unhappy he was with this situation. I heard my mother on the phone to Race Car Transport Adelaide, double checking my father’s arrangements. She obviously thought he was lying about phoning Tow Trucks Adelaide, and wanted to double check. When I heard my mother checking up on my father, I became so infuriated. I walked into the kitchen and once she’d gotten off the phone I asked her how she would feel if Dad made her give up the one thing she loved. She had no reply for me, instead just stared at me.

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