New property needs a clean up, call in the rubbish removers

I had just bought a property out in the countryside and the previous owners had left a lot of things lying around in the yard. The property was huge, and I loved seeing all the old fashioned tools and tables, sheds and storage areas. It was a great way to travel back in time and understand how people back in the day used to operate their land. I had bought the property with big plans in mind. I wanted to clear all the overgrown grass and foliage, cutting it all right back and planting some crops in there. I wanted to make use of the land. Even if I didn’t produce enough fresh fruit or veg to sell to the shops, I would still be able to live off it myself. I didn’t care about making money, I just wanted to be completely self sustainable. I wanted to live far away from the hussle and bussle of everyday life and to survive off my own hard work.

The first thing I had to do was call the team at Rubbish Removal Canberra. I had to get them to clear all of the old wooden crates and farm equipment off the property. I had thought about keeping it and maybe fixing it all up, but I knew I’d never get the time and that it would just sit there, gathering rust. I’d used the services of Deceased Estate Clearance Canberra before, and they had been fantastic. There had been no hassles, no problems, no extra cost and no surprises. Everything was done the way the team at Hard Rubbish Collection Canberra had ensured it would be, and I couldn’t of been happier. I just hoped the guys would have some time to come and clear the property, I wanted to start tackling the jungle as soon as I could.

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