Phase two of plan thanks to mortgage broker

I woke up feeling happy and light. I rolled over to see I wasn’t alone in the bed. I’d spent the night at Julies after my mother had upset me. I came home on a high after a very successful meeting with Mortgage Broker Brisbane. My plan was moving full steam ahead and I couldn’t of been prouder of my efforts. I wanted to get out of the disgusting neighbourhood I’d grown up in. Crime was everywhere, and determination to succeed was nowhere to be found. I had spent the past three years dedicated to my five year plan, which I completely smashed. I was ready to buy a house after just three years and my mother had absolutely no pride in me. The only thing she cared about was having someone to bludge off in a non-rental-property.

Julie looked so peaceful as she slept. I knew nothing had happened between us last night, she was a great friend and nothing more. I got out of bed and went to make breakfast, as a thank you to Julie for helping me out so much yesterday. She had driven me into the city to meet with the broker from Mortgages Brisbane and then helped me deal with my family. This woman was great. When she appeared in the kitchen, I thanked her for driving me to see the guys at Finance Companies Brisbane. I held up a plate of bacon and eggs and placed it in front of her chair at the table. Julie walked over and started hooking in. She asked me how it felt to wake up in a new phase of my plan and I smiled. I was glad I had at least one person to share my happiness with.

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