Wedding invitation discussions stop during dinner

Sitting on my best friends couch, I watched her with pride. She was the most amazing woman I’d known and she had found someone to share her life with. She’s been with her partner since we were in high school. They were perfect for eachother back then, just as they were now. They were my inspiration, my hope, that there was someone for everyone. I had been at Fi’s house for about half an hour, watching her cook tea from the lounge room. She was a beautiful woman and I was so happy that she was getting married. I was even happier that I was able to be involved in it all.

As I sat on the couch, I explained some of the things I’d found for Fi’s wedding. She had asked me to take care of the Black and White Wedding Invitations and I’d become very worried about my organising abilities. I didn’t want to come back with horrible invitations that Fiona would hate. I wanted to please her and give her the most amazing and Unique Wedding Invitations I could find. I started trying to explain some of the Designer Wedding Invitations to Fi but there was no point. It was too hard to explain what they looked like to her without her actually being able to see it. I put the wedding folder aside when I noticed Fi was serving up two plates of something that looked scrumptious. I struck up a non-wedding conversation with Fi, which was something we promised we would do each day. Fi didn’t want to become one of those people who only talked about their wedding plans for the entire year leading up to the big day. She didn’t want to be consumed by her wedding.

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